Welcome to our stud farm Haras De Beaufay

In 2016, the Trávníček family bought an old Norman stud farm, the Haras de Beaufay. At the time, the stud farm had 30 ha of quality pasture, but the farm buildings and house were in a very dilapidated state. Therefore, we decided to take down the farm buildings and to build brand new facilities. Eventually, we had to demolish the farmhouse as well, since its technical condition was simply too poor to repair. Because the house was such a fine example of a typical Norman mansion, we decided to preserve its beauty and enchantment and have rebuilt it according to the original. During the rebuilding process, we were able to extend the pastures to the size of 100 ha. In September 2018, construction of the farm was completed and ever since it is fully capable of providing its services to customers. In 2022, we managed to connect the stud farm Haras de Sertigny to the existing stud and thus increase the final area of ​​our pastures to more than 140 ha. All the services we provide are to be found in the section Services. You can see the whole stud farm area in the video presentation below or on the pictures in the Photo gallery section.